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Integrated TMS

The Integrated Model

The Time is Now to Rise Above Depression

Over four million people suffer from treatment resistant depression, many with no hope that relief is out there. Our Integrated TMS team has developed a comprehensive and innovative psychotherapy program that works in conjunction with Neurostar TMS therapy, an effective, drug free, non-invasive treatment for depression.

Our Integrated TMS Model is a six week, outpatient treatment for depression that combines the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation with evidence-based brief psychotherapy, that is included at no additional cost to the patient. This unique treatment partnership is led by a board certified psychiatrist and is complemented by a team of licensed clinicians, consisting of marriage and family therapists and licensed clinical social workers who provide the therapy component and the TMS Coordinator who provides the daily TMS treatments. This team works together, and with you, throughout the duration of your time at Integrated TMS to ensure you get the best care.

The Role of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) is an FDA-approved, non-invasive medical treatment for treatment resistant depression for those patients who have failed a trial of antidepressants. TMS targets a part of the brain that is underactive in people suffering from depression. The Neurostar TMS device uses focused magnetic pulses to stimulate the area to restore it to normal function and decrease depressive symptoms. Since no medication is needed, it does not come with any of the side effects typically experienced with antidepressants. This also makes it a safe alternative for expectant mothers, those who are nursing, and other professionals or individuals seeking a drug-free solution to depression.

Integrated TMS' Medical Director, Jeffrey Taxman, M.D. has been impressed with the effectiveness of TMS with those he has treated,

"It's been incredible to witness sustained symptom relief by the third week of TMS treatment. Many are rising above depression for the first time in their adult lives."

TMS serves as the foundation of the Integrated Model and works in concert with a unique psychotherapy program to help sustain and maximize the improvements. Ideally this therapy tool will become an integral part of the client's daily life.

The Integrated Model and Evidence Based Brief Psychotherapy

The Integrated Model is equally defined by the inclusion of evidence based psychotherapy sessions during the six week course of TMS treatment. Each session is led by either a licensed clinical social worker or master's level licensed clinician and further enhances outcomes by providing the client with guidance, support and the tools needed to make full use of the gains achieved through TMS. These time limited, goal directed sessions use proven methods of psychotherapy to empower the client to harness their increased mood and make lasting changes to many facets of their lives. The interplay between TMS treatments and psychotherapy is unique to the Integrated Model and aims to produce outcomes in the treatment of depression that are sustained.

Dr. Taxman remains convinced that the Integrated Model is one that may be the missing piece to the puzzle that is clinical depression,

"In my 35 years of psychiatry, I've never seen such a promising development in the treatment of depression. And with the Integrated Model of TMS and psychotherapy, we look forward to helping clients across the Midwest rise above their depression and move forward in their lives, and ideally have this model replicated to other TMS clinics across the nation."

Integrated TMS

Integrated TMS

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