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Integrated TMS

Integrated TMS Approach

The Integrated Model (outlined below) is one of focus, coordination and communication, all geared toward helping you reach your goals. During each of the six weeks of TMS treatment you will have a one hour long psychotherapy session (six psychotherapy sessions in total) included in the cost of your Neurostar TMS therapy. These sessions will be structured to meet your specific needs and be coordinated with you and relevant members of the Integrated TMS clinical team. These weekly sessions serve as a time to provide support, as well as to help you with the course and goals of therapy. Goals that are designed to walk you through the process, and ideally, the progress gained through the TMS treatments. Our model is one that is steeped in the tenets of Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), Behavioral Activation Therapy (BAT) and/or Family Systems Therapy (FST).

The six sessions of the Integrated Model are outlined below. If at any time you have questions feel free to call the Integrated TMS clinical team at 262.241.7778. The first therapeutic stages of the Integrated Model focuses on helping you understand the process of TMS, but also helps your therapist understand how depression has impacted your life. It is from this starting point that the journey will begin. This is a journey where reasonable and realistic goals are determined, with an understanding of how each of these can be met. Implied in each goal and interwoven throughout all interactions with the Integrated TMS Clinical team is the objective of helping you move forward on your journey through and above depression.

The Six Session Integrated Model for Treating Depression

"Regaining Your Balance" (Session One)

  • Introduction to the Integrated Model
  • Discussion about TMS
  • Discussing Where Your Depression has Taken You and Kept You From Going
  • Activation Plan Formed

Other topics covered during Session One may include, but are not limited to; defining the developmental stage along the Life Cycle, using the "Life Cycle Chart", developmental challenges driving depression, and introduction of a daily activity log.

"Getting Moving" (Session Two)

  • Looking at Where You Want to Go
  • Reviewing Past Healthy Activities/Actions that Made You Feel Good
  • Reviewing Your Daily Activity Log

Other topics covered during Session Two may include, but are not limited to using Fun and Pleasure List, introducing new behaviors to the Daily Activity Log, setting goals for remaining sessions and reasonable benchmarks to achieve.

"Setting a New Course" (Sessions Three - Five)

The core of your treatment using the Integrated Model will involve a range of interventions, each tailored to your history, goals, expectations and available resources in the community. You and your Integrated TMS Clinician will work to determine which each weekly session will consist of, with real time feedback on progress and an ongoing dedication to address issues as they arrive and seek solutions that can be used throughout treatment and beyond.

  • Review of Positive Accomplishments via Daily Activity Log
  • Introduce Life Areas Assessment

Other areas to address may include, but are not limited to;

  • Family Relationships: identifying relationships needing repair; e.g. parent, sibling, child
  • Significant Other: Identifying elements needing repair within partner relationship
  • Social Circle: Identifying ways to improve support system/social network
  • My Work, My Profession: Identifying ways to improve satisfaction in the workplace
  • Physical Health Issues: identifying ways to improve physical health; e.g. relationships with food, changes in sleep patterns, exercise
  • My Relationship with Myself: Identifying ways to improve sense of self; e.g. worth, value

"Going Forward" (Session Six)

As each and every day of our lives is a journey, the Integrated Model recognizes that completion of Integrated TMS is yet another step on your path forward. As such, our sixth therapy session, and others if requested or clinically indicated, are focused on looking at where you go from here. The hallmark of the sixth session is a review of how far you've come, acknowledgement of progress made and where you're at, and most of all, charting where you still want to go and how you'll get there. This may involve other members of the Integrated TMS clinical team, as well as development of a treatment plan designed to provide you with resources and tools to help you continue you journey forward and above depression. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Referral to area health and wellness centers
  • discussion of continued psychotherapy, if clinically indicated
  • review of daily activities log to ascertain what should be replicated or revised

Integrated TMS

Integrated TMS

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