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Integrated TMS

Your Consult with Dr. Taxman

Once you have decided that Integrated TMS may be of benefit to you the next step is scheduling a TMS consultation and evaluation with Jeffrey Taxman, M.D. Dr. Taxman is a board certified psychiatrist and TMS Certified Provider. During this initial consultation Dr. Taxman will familiarize you with the TMS process. The consultation will also assist Dr. Taxman in gaining a greater understanding of the reasons you are seeking treatment. An assessment will be completed during that time that will detail your history of dealing with depression and the various stressors that may be present in your life. This consultation will also include a discussion about your medication history as it relates to treating your depression. A key part of the initial consultation will involve gathering psychosocial information and your history of mental health treatment as a way to determine how the Integrated TMS clinical team will work with you on short term, evidence based psychotherapy. This information will help ensure a smooth collaboration and integration of the benefits gained from TMS.

Following the initial consultation Dr. Taxman will determine if the services at Integrated TMS are appropriate and may be of benefit to you. If it is determined that Integrated TMS is clinically indicated, then you will be schedule to begin the six week course of treatments.

The initial treatment session will be with Dr. Taxman and the TMS Coordinator. It is a 90 minute session in which your personal settings are determined and the initial treatment is adminstered. Subsequent treatments last 45-60 minutes.

Integrated TMS

Integrated TMS

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