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Integrated TMS

Your TMS Treatment and Coordinator

Following your consultation and evaluation by Dr. Jeffrey Taxman, the remainder of your services at Integrated TMS will consist of daily treatments with your TMS Coordinator. The TMS coordinator is a TMS Certified Technician who will work with Dr. Taxman for the initial session and adminster the remaining treatments. The total number of treatments needed is based on progress and clinical need.

The TMS treatment sessions at Integrated TMS are scheduled Monday through Friday and last 45 to 60 minutes in length. In addition, the treatment program includes psychotherapy with a member of the Integrated TMS clinical team, which is conducted once per week and is usually scheduled before or after a TMS treatment. The psychotherapy session will be 45-60 minutes in length. These sessions will occur in the comfortably furnished offices of Integrated TMS. An environment designed to have you feel comfortable and supported as you transition and end your treatment for the day.

Throughout your services at Integrated TMS, your primary liaison will be your TMS coordinator. However, it is our goal at Integrated TMS to work collaboratively with you to help you reach your goals. As such, the Integrated TMS Team will meet regularly throughout the course of your treatment to discuss progress and to transition you forward. At any point during your treatment you are encouraged to ask questions, offer suggestions and give input on how you think it's going. Dr. Taxman and the Integrated TMS team are here for you.

Integrated TMS

Integrated TMS

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